Operator / Show Runner, 250+ Episodes, February 2015 - November 2016
Created a streaming setup from the ground up to facilitate 1080p streaming three times a week featuring Indie developer guests, Starr Mazer updates, special on set experiences and general gaming shows. 
Streaming Command Center
Maximum power, Minimal size
Custom i7 Quad core PC equipped with two AverMedia C985 PCI capture cards, NVIDIA GeForce 1080, c930e Logitech webcam, Oculus Rift and Blue Yeti cardioid microphone.
- Painted Green Screen, maximizes chroma key effectiveness in Xsplit
- Dual Monitor Setup, Vertical screen maximizes screen real estate for Twitch chat and Xsplit program control. Horizontal monitor for screen sharing and gaming.
- Dual Arri LoCaster LED lights, Overhead light dedicated to green screen illumination and the second light 4ft high bouncing off the white wall for a softer diffused light on the host. LED's chosen over HMI's to minimize heat output and ease of color balancing. 
- Space Conscious, High powered PC allows for multiple inputs, high end gaming and ease of use in an area no larger than 6ft x 6ft.
- Dual Purpose, The command center can be used to stream solo or control shows happening in the main studio area.

Streamers point of view. Gaming on the left, Xsplit and chat on the right.

Main Studio
Lounge Setting Perfect for Guests
Features a comfy couch and over ten video game consoles from the NES to Playstation 4 hooked up and ready for streaming.
- Fully Connected, All consoles and an additional PC with an HTC Vive are all connected to the main stream machine with an HDMI switcher to choose the input.
- Dual Genaray Spectro LED 14 Lighting, LED's used to match the temperature of any ambient light spill during the day and minimize heat output to keep the hosts cool.
- HD Gaming, 50" HDTV for playing games, web surfing or showcasing videos and art.
- Confidence Monitor, Additional 24" monitor on the floor allows the host to see exactly how the stream looks as well as Twitch chat if it cannot fit on the HDTV above.
- 4K Camera, Sony FDR-AX100 equipped with a Rode shotgun mic and a direct HDMI feed to the command center for high fidelity video and sound capture with optical zoom capabilities.
Confidence monitor below the camera for reference and chat
Mobile Streaming
Special Case Streaming
When traveling abroad, Starr Mazer TV continued its triweekly show. A Macbook Pro with OBS and custom graphics was the preferred compact stream setup at special events.
Showcasing the latest build of DSP from Boston Massachusetts
Custom Graphics Galore
To help our stream stand out at 1080p 2500kbps, I built a suite of custom graphics and animations to use in Xsplit Broadcaster. Some animations were used to introduce and end streams, others were used for community engagement and overlays were created to frame various streaming setups.
Custom new follower graphic
Various intro and outro animations to play before and after the stream
A view of Starr Mazer TV's decked out Xsplit control panel featuring scenes for show intros, gaming, guests, giveaways and videos.
Custom rotating banners would animate on the bottom right cycling through social media links and recent releases.
Special Guests
Starr Mazer TV would often host special guests both local and abroad on the show to talk about the industry, their projects and Starr Mazer. Acquiring and scheduling guests was a shared responsibility between myself and Imagos Films Director Don Thacker.
Notable guests include,
Renee Gittens and Rami Ismail
Manami Matsumae, Music Composer
Akash Thakkar, Sound Designer for Hyper Light Drifter
Dave Gilbert, Creator of Wadjet Eye Games
Notable Streams
Peppers for Potions
Special fundraising show for Potions: A Curious Tale's final hours on Kickstarter. With only four hours left and $20,000 to go, can the team pull out a funding miracle?
The Starr Mazer Concert
Live from Chop Suey the Starr Mazer Team setup a special concert featuring various musical performances all streamed live on Twitch. This exerpt features Alex Mauer performing a fan made song!
Live at the Dad by the Sword Production
When broadcasts schedules fell on days where we had other creative work to do, I'd be tasked with creating a mobile streaming setup. The show must go on!
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