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Tanzania Tour Video
Role: Video Editor
McKay Photo Academy tour through the Serengeti in Tanzania. 
Ravendawn Alpha Trailer
Role: Video Editor
In Ravendawn, the world is yours to conquer! With real-world house and farm-building, all you have to do is claim a plot of land and let your imagination run wild. Join forces with other adventurers, pool your resources, and claim a string of islands for your new alliance! 
Farmageddon Early Access Trailer
Role: Video Editor
Early access hype trailer for Farmageddon: A Cattle Royale is a series of cow puns masquerading as a new kind of roguelite.
Language Arts (2020) Feature Film
Role: Assistant Video Editor
Language Arts (2020) is a film by Cornelia Duryée produced in Seattle Washington. I was the onsite Assistant Video Editor for the entire feature film production in charge of organizing footage, managing masters/backups, transcoding, delivering dailies and creating blooper reels for the wrap party. 
Bedlamball 2.0 Update Trailer
Role: Video Editor
Inspired by "Calvinball", from the comic "Calvin and Hobbes" by Bill Watterson, Bedlamball plays a bit like air hockey. 
Wintermoor Tactics Club Trailer
Role: Video Editor
Wintermoor Tactics Club is a light Tactics RPG and visual novel, inspired by Final Fantasy Tactics and Steven Universe. Fight for survival in thrilling tactical combat! Unravel the sinister mysteries behind the bizarre tournament! And don't forget to make some new friends. Released in 2019.
McKay Photo Academy Memories
Role: Video Editor
McKay Photo Company specializes in photography tours that take participants all across the globe. This compilation shows off some of the awesome tours to Mongolia, Tanzania, Iceland, the Arctic and more. 
Supreme Courtship Kickstarter
Role: Video Editor
Video for Just Us Games Kickstarter campaign for Supreme Courtship. This video shows off their passion for the legislative system and how the Visual Novel game based around the Supreme Court came to be.
The Card Chase
Role: Writer, Director, Editor
Short film created during the Sony a7rIII reveal event in Sedona, AZ. This short film was one of two winning videos netting me the grand prize of a new Sony lens.
High-End Clothing Youtube Video
Role: Video Editor
A high energy tour through premiere online clothing stores and brands with Richie Le.
The Silver Case Documentary
Role: Videographer
This documentary interviews key talent responsible for bringing the original Japan PSone exclusive video game to PS4 and PC including Designer Goichi Suda (Suda51), Music Composer Masafumi Takada, and Producer Douglas Watt. It also features several influential indie game developers and their opinions on video game preservation and the industry.
Jazzpunk: Behind the Scenes
Role: BTS Photographer, BTS Videographer and BTS Video Editor
Behind the Scenes of Imagos Films's commercial for Jazzpunk, published by Adult Swim Games. This short video full of interviews explores all aspects of the short film's creation from pre-production to visual effects and music.
Starr Mazer Year One Documentary
Role: Videographer and Video Editor
Special anniversary mini-documentary featuring the first year of Starr Mazer's development since the successful Kickstarter launch in February 2014.
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