About Me
I'm from Colorado USA and fell in love with filmmaking at 16, creating skateboard videos with my buds and short sketches on YouTube. After High School I enrolled at Colorado State University and worked at the College of Business and CSU Online developing distanced learning programs, maintaining equipment, and repairing video issues.
After graduating I moved out to Seattle Washington where I worked various gigs on commercials, independent film, and video games video editing, DIT, cameraman, and photography for clients like Amazon, NFFTY, American Cancer Society and local film and game studios.

American Cancer Society, Real Men Wear Pink Campaign

Also in Seattle I worked with Imagos Softworks as their Social Media Manager in charge of community outreach and engagement. We successfully funded Starr Mazer on Kickstarter and I ran Starr Mazer TV on Twitch, a tri-weekly show complete with guests and community events. In addition to live streaming content, I would also travel to expos to promote the game around the US and in Japan.
After Starr Mazer I started producing videos for PhotorecTV where host Toby Gelston reviews camera gear and photography techniques. Together we travelled across the US from Vegas to New York attending special photo lens release events to test the latest and greatest pieces of gear.

Hot air balloon ride over Sedona to test Sony's 100-400mm GM lens

Through PhotorecTV I hooked up with McKay Photo Academy and travel with them on photography tours around the world as an instructor helping photo enthusiasts learn their gear and general principles of exposure. With the McKays, I have travelled to the American Southwest, Alaska, Tanzania, Egypt, Jordan, and Mongolia.
Now I'm currently in Finland editing videos remotely for clients and occasionally touring with McKay Photo Academy but always ready for the next adventure! Need a helping hand or experienced video editor? Contact me at jeff@kazuomayeda.com and let's chat!
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